We announced recently that Mizuno has chosen Dragon Army as their Mobile Agency of Record. I'll dive deeper into what that actually means in a future post, but I wanted to hit on a few reasons why we're FREAKING PUMPED about this relationship.

1. Mizuno is a killer brand. Amazing quality, great history, super loyal fan base, tons of upside in the market. Honestly, a dream client.

2. This is our first *official* Mobile Agency of Record relationship. My vision for the marketing industry is that more and more companies will see the importance of having a mobile-focused agency as a partner. I say *official* because we act in that capacity for several clients, but these guys were the first to make it legit 😉

3. We get to continue to play in the sports category. At Engauge, where a good deal of our Dragon Army team used to work, we had the opportunity to work with Nike. It's exciting to get to work on sports brands, and between our new relationship with Mizuno and our on-going relationship with Turner Sports, we're loving it.

4. The client team is fantastic. I'm not sure I've worked with more forward-thinking marketers before, and their interest in driving results from digital/mobile is going to match well with how we like to operate.

5. Mizuno already has a great list of agency partners, many of which we have worked with before. Working with great partners makes life more enjoyable, and superior results easier to obtain.

6. In some ways, Mizuno is just getting started in the mobile/digital space. Many clients we work with have a tremendous amount of legacy digital efforts and it becomes difficult to truly innovate and move quickly in the space. For the most part, we have a mostly blank slate to work with which is a fantastic place to start.

So, thanks to the Mizuno team for the faith in us! We look forward to helping you crush the competition in no time 😉