At Dragon Army, we're laser-focused on mobile and innovation/emerging technology. All of us in the past have worked on large websites, integrated social media campaigns, robust email marketing strategies...and all of that is important within any digital marketing plan, but for us, its all about mobile.

One of the things I see our clients struggle with when it comes to mobile and emerging technology is the ability to move faster, iterate more effectively, and just generally "do more". Essentially, to act more like a startup.

In order to help our clients embrace their inner startup, I'm writing a book. I've posted on my personal blog about the process I've been going through while writing the book, but needless to say, its been a topsy-turvy journey so far.

Even though there is still a tremendous amount of work left to be done in order to get my book published, there are two things that have stood out during my research and interviews that companies must do in order to innovate. At their core, they need:

a flexible technology infrastructure and a culture that accepts, and even promotes, failure

I've seen companies that have a very fluid and flexible technology stack/infrastructure, but they don't have the mindset (from the top down) that allows them to embrace change and take advantage of their superior technology abilities. And on the flip side, it doesn't matter how willing a company is to change, if their technology infrastructure is too old and cumbersome, they won't have the flexibility to experiment effectively.

I'll update more on the process of writing the book as I make progress, but I thought I'd share this insight as more companies are planning their strategies and budgets for 2017 and beyond. Get your tech right and make sure you have a failure-led culture, and you'll be able to accomplish anything.