In the novel Ender’s Game, Colonel Graff said it best when he told Ender, “We’re doing something unusual with Dragon Army.” As you can see in the title, Dragon Army is proud to announce we’ve acquired Proving Ground, one of the leading mobile agencies in the Southeast.

At first, the news of a gaming

studio joining forces with a mobile development agency might seem…well, unusual. Over the past year, we’ve met with a wide range of companies and have found that a singular underlying problem exists. Businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to create deeper audience engagement with their digital experiences.


Jeff Hilimire, Dragon Army CEO, recently had this to say on his personal blog about the combined forces, “The new Dragon Army is one part mobile gaming studio, one part mobile experience agency. One team makes games for consumers while the other is building mobile experiences for businesses. Our unique differentiation is that we will apply successful game theory and game psychology to make the mobile experiences we build for companies more engaging and achieve better results.”

Proving Ground CEO Danny Davis will lead as President of the mobile experience agency division of the new company. “We are also thrilled about the synergy between our teams”, Davis said. “Dragon Army’s culture of creative problem solving, passion for game-changing experiences, and attention to building great relationships in the community mirrors our own.”

This isn’t the first time Davis and Hilimire have worked together. In 1998, they launched digital agency Spunlogic, which eventually sold to Engauge then Publicis (combined under the Moxie name).

While the merger of a gaming studio and mobile agency on the surface might seem a bit unusual, at its core our two companies will be better poised to meet the ever changing world of mobile experiences.

Learn more about the Proving Ground acquisition and the future of Dragon Army in our press release.