Last week we were fortunate enough to win an Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AIMA) award for our work marketing the Robots Love Ice Cream launch earlier this year and it’s cross-promotion with Arby’s re-launch of the Orange Cream Shake.  The awards show was at the Buckhead Theater

where digital marketers from around the city gathered.

The specific award, one of only seven given out at the event, was the Made in the ATL award…

Made in the ATL
The marketing team that best achieves its goal for an Atlanta-based client’s ad campaign. This stellar campaign can include but is not limited to: newly launched or redesigned sites, online promotions, media campaigns, sites constructed for rebranding initiatives or a rebranding of established Atlanta brand.

This award is especially exciting to us because of our close ties with AIMA through the years and really because this is an organization focused on what we do, digital marketing. Not to mention promoting companies and marketing in Atlanta. So when we saw the Made in the ATL category we knew we had to try.

I should mention that Dragon Army was also up for Breakout Digital Atlanta Startup but lost out to MI725, which makes sense. We don’t really fall into a traditional “start up” type of category, we are really just digital marketers that love games whereas both MI725 and Terminus (also a finalist) have amazing products. Our games are amazing to, it’s just not apples to apples 😉

Either way, Edgar (the dragon we bought on the black market, in the video below) was disappointed. At least he got some screen time at the show.