In our conversations with brands about how to use game mechanics in their marketing and business strategies, we are frequently asked about some of the more popular mechanics.

This is the second entry in our five part series on successful game mechanics: Limited Time and Seasonal Events.

The use of

limited availability content can be seen across a wide variety of game types. Seasonal and limited time events are often found in the form of new levels, characters, and items. While it provides new content for every player, it’s the hardcore crowd that covets these events.

The nature of limited time rewards is that once the specific event is over, they turn into trophies which players can show off. Additionally, these serve as a great way of delivering new content to the players to increase the life cycle of a game, and players who weren’t there the first time have something to look forward to the next time these events come around.

The Simpsons Tapped Out has mastered this concept by syncing content updates to new episodes and seasonal holidays. Just to give you an idea of how aggressive their limited content strategy is, there have been over 50 content updates in the first two years alone.

This limited and continual resurgence of content provides just the right injection to keep players coming back time and time again, solving one of the hardest problems for any app or game: repeat play.

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