We frequently discuss with brands how they can incorporate gaming mechanics into their marketing and mobile strategies. In those conversations, we highlight popular and key tactics that are used within games to stimulate interactions.

This is the third entry in our five part series on successful game mechanics:

Creativity and Self Expression.

Video games are an exercise in creativity and self-expression for the creators themselves. But there is a genre of games that focus on creating the framework universe where the players are allowed the freedom and flexibility to build the game as they see fit.

Games like Minecraft (pictured) and Disney Infinity are some of the more popular examples of this. Allowing players to create their own unique experiences and worlds are not only fun to explore on their own, but are exciting to share with others.

Sharing of these experiences can range from something as simple as an image to much more elaborate methods where gamers can interact with the experiences created by other players. These ever evolving user-generated worlds provide players with ample reasons to increase in-game dwell time and repeat play.

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