The time has come for us to finish our series on successful game mechanics. This is the final entry in our five part series that was inspired by a recurring question we get asked when speaking to brands.

We’ve found that many marketers need help creating deeper engagement with their mobile experiences (part of the

reason we recently acquired mobile agency Proving Ground). Leveraging game mechanics is one way to solve the issue so we’ve focused this series on some of the most popular design strategies that could be incorporated into digital experiences.

This is the final entry in our five part series on successful game mechanics: Cooperation and Community Objectives.

Most people are familiar with solo-play and player vs player games. There is another strategy that leverages both of these combined with social interaction to create a hybrid style of cooperative and community objectives. This is where players team up with other players to accomplish common objectives, either in the form of facing off against other teams of players or team up to complete planned game driven goals.

Games like Clash of Clans (pictured) build their whole experience around the community by creating objectives and cooperative situations. In the game players can form clans, in order to do so, players must invite 10 other friends to join them. These clans help one another by supplying troops or helping to defend the clan’s bases. Once a clan is formed, leaders and co-leaders can start wars. When a clan war is declared, clans are given one day of preparation before the battle begins.

This group attack/defend mentality helps strengthen the community within the game and keeps players both engaged and invested in the experience, bringing them back time and time again.

While there is no single magic bullet design mechanic to guarantee virality and heavy interaction with a game or mobile experience, these elements we’ve covered in this series can be found in some of the most popular mobile games.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the series and thank you for taking this journey with us.

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