People are always asking me “What are some of the best new VR apps/experiences out there right now?” Then I'm like “Just go Google it yourself mom. You'll have to use the computer because you can't use Google on your flip phone.”

As you can imagine, I've Googled that same thing many times so that she never comes back and surprises me with more up to date VR knowledge than I have. I also have Google alerts set up, you know because I can't let her win.

Here are a few of the things I've found  (and in most cases used) that are out right now and are actually fun, useful, or just entertaining as opposed to the vast majority of the fledgling experiences out there on these platforms.

  • Games:
    • Minecraft in VR - Same old game, but up close and personal. You feel like you are actually in the blocky world and get a very close view of the things you craft. Getting surrounded by zombies in a 360, stereoscopic view is a lot more intense.
    • Land’s End - Simple environment and puzzles but well done. Moving objects around to solve puzzles is very satisfying and feels as if you have telekinesis at times. This continues to make the list because it’s one of the better games that doesn’t require a controller.
    • Hover Junkers - Only available on Vive right now because you need full motion control.
    • Defense Grid 2 - I haven’t played this yet but it looks like it’s a great tower defense game that meets VR.
  • Experiences:
    • Using VRSE to watch Celebrity Jeopardy from the SNL 40th anniversary special. VRSE has a lot of high-profile 360 videos. Watching the ones from SNL gives you an audience perspective so you get to see stagehands giving the actors cue cards, you see actors walking on set without being on camera, and if you don’t enjoy the skit itself you can turn around and see the celebrities watching who were in the audience that night.
    • Netflix is still one of my favorite VR apps. It allows me to watch any Netflix content in a mountain cabin. Very simple but very immersive and easy to forget you aren’t there when you start watching.
    • VirtualSpeech - A public speaking app. You are put in front of an audience to get over your fear of public speaking. There are actually several of these out there, not even sure this one if the best. I like the idea of this but the stock video may take you a little out of the moment.

Bonus: If I didn't already have VR goggles (or a Samsung VR ready phone) and I wanted to jump in, then I would get this… Bruce Wayne's S7